“The best training facility for kickers and punters in America.” –Scout.com

Committed to training and developing the best special team’s players in the country, One On One Kicking, sponsored by Adidas, is the #1 training program in the country. We have been responsible for assisting in the ranking of high school players nationwide on the following recruiting services: Kohls Kicking ESPN National Rankings, Scout.com, ESPN, Rivals.com, LRS Sports.

Our Instructors

The most important aspect of our training program? Quality instruction. Our staff is comprised of former NFL punters, kickers, and long snappers, as well as NCAA All-Americans, All-Conference players, and Ray Guy and Lou Groza Award Winners. Most importantly, all of our coaches are trained to instruct using similar methodology and drill combinations, meaning sound technique and form are taught consistently at each of our training locations. Each One On One Kicking Coach is committed to ensuring that our students put in the necessary work to play college football, either as a scholarship player or a walk-on.

“One On One Kicking Trains the Best of the Best.” –Rivals.com

Year-Round Training

Like any movement that requires a repeatable and dynamic motion, punting, kicking, and snapping requires the development of muscle-memory. Our year-round program is designed to create an environment that not only builds strength and explosion in our athletes, but also refines technique through drill work and kicking in competitive situations. A twice a month, two hour session, year-round training builds muscle memory so that our specialists can perform in game situations—not just alone on an empty field.

The first training session for a player who signs up for our year-round training will focus mainly on teaching the player several drills meant to be performed at home and at practice. It’s important for the player to understand that our training program, like any athletic training session, requires more than just showing up in order to improve. Real improvement comes from dedication to drills at home and at practice; our training sessions are meant to check and refine technique, provide a competitive environment, and primarily, provide a work-space to improve with hands-on instruction from our staff.

“The Best Camp for Kickers and Punters in the Country.” ESPN Radio 760

Competition and Charting

A specialist isn’t judged by how he can perform alone on an empty field. It’s how that technique holds up in a game that matters. At One On One Kicking, we believe in constant competition and the creation of high-pressure environments. Our trainees are constantly competing with each other and dealing with things like crowd noise (a gauntlet of their peers screaming around them) and the feeling of having all eyes on them, where one punt or kick matters. We also specialize in preparing for competitive combines or expos. Our players consistently place in the top 10 ranking of specialists nationally.

In addition to preparing for other combines, each One On One Kicking location annually charts their athletes individually, creating an extensive database for company rankings of our top performers. Our athletes leave the training program fully equipped to handle the pressure of collegiate kicking or kicking in competition because they’ve done it on a regular basis.


The One On One Kicking prospects page is a great tool that exists as a one page representation of our trainees. We instruct our players in what college coaches want for a highlight video, how to make that highlight video, and how to best represent themselves when in front of a college coach. In addition to highlight videos, we also help advise players about which college camps they should be attending; in the world of college kicking, getting a scholarship to a particular school is often a matter of timing. Our goal is to help high school players navigate the recruiting waters and come out of their high school seasons having achieved whatever goals they’ve set for themselves.

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