The 2015 Adidas Invitational was a HUGE success. We held multiple competitions for all the specialists to show off all there skills. We felt it was very important for all the kids to be able to show off there talents in different situations so they can all have different avenues to showcase their skills. We had the Bracket Competition, Accuracy Competition, BIG BALL Competition, and the Kickoff Competition.

But the one competition that all the kickers and punters wanted to win was our 1st ever BRACKET STYLE COMPETITION. This competition was very competitive and showcased a lot of talent. The kickers and punters both charted before the competition to see where they would place in the bracket. There were 16 spots to fill. Kickers with the most points made the bracket. Any tie breaker to make the bracket style competition was done by longest field goal kicked in the charting session before. Above you will see how the bracket was set up and how it played out. Kickers participating were held by certain rules during the competition. It was a one miss elimination. If you were a sophomore or freshman you could only use up to a one inch tee and nothing more. Any Juniors, Seniors, or JUCO kickers had to be off the ground. There was also a SNAP & HOLD for each kick to simulate a game situation. The first round saw kickers starting from the middle of the field at 35 Yards and moving back after each made there kick. The 2nd round started off on the 40 yard line and on the left hash. The third round saw the kickers start from the 45 right hash. Then the final round saw the two kickers start from the 45 left hash and then back and over to the right hash after the first set of kickers were made. Overall, it was very exciting, competitive, and a fun environment for the kickers. We would like to congratulate LARRY EIMER out of New Jersey on winning the 2015 Adidas Invitational Bracket Competition and we would like to congratulate the the #Xceptional8 group of kickers that made it to the second round of the bracket!! We will be posting the PUNTING BRACKET TOMORROW!

Larry Eimer


#Xceptional8 Kickers

#Xceptional8 Kickers: Josh Grant, Nick Null, AJ Reed, Alex Barbir, Julius Duarte, Parker Holland, Larry Eimer, & Josh Wood.