A lot of our trainees over the years have put in hours of hard work and it is paying off. Check out some of our One On One Kicking Trainees and how they are doing this year……….
Florida Gators Kicker Caleb Sturgis is having a great year with 8 FGs and 14 PATs. He has a long of 51 yards (2) this season as he chases the Lou Groza Award once again.

Spencer Roth from Baylor is putting together a great season with 10 punts and a 46.8 yard average. He has a long of 65 yards through 4 games.

Dylan Breeding of Arkansas is having a solid year of punting with 25 punts for an average of 45.5 yards. He has a long punt of 72 yards this year.

Texas State Kicker Will Johnson is having a solid year kicking. He is 6 for 8 on the year with a long field goal of 52 yards. He is also 12 for 12 on PATs and has a total of 30 Pts.
UAB Kicker and Lou Groza Award Watch List Kicker Ty Long is 6 for 7 on the year with a long field goal of 54 yards. He has a total of 26 points on the year.

Michel Chapuseaux of South Alabama is 6 for 9 on the year with a long of 53 yards. He has a total of 25 points so far this year.

Nate Freese of Boston College is having a perfect year going 8 for 8 on field goals and 12 for 12 on PATs for a total of 36 points.

Spencer Benton of Clemson is having a great year of punting with 19 punts and a 41 yard average. Spencer Benton also broke the ACC Field Goal Record with a 61 yard field goal against Ball State on September 8th.

Dan Conroy of Michigan State is 10 for 15 on Field Goals this year with a long of 50 yards (3). He is also 10 for 10 on PAT.

Mike Sadler of Michigan State has punted a total of 23 times for a 44.8 yard average. His longest punt though 5 games is 70 yards.

Houston Punter Richie Leone is having a phenomenal year punting. He is the number 2 punter in the country with an average of 48.3 yards with a total of 23 punts. He is in 2nd right behind fellow One On One Kicking Trainee and Michigan Punter Will Hagerup. Richie has a long punter this year of 77 yards.

2011 Ray Guy Award Winner and LA Tech Punter Ryan Allen is having another great year. On 18 punts he is averaging 46.3 yards with a long of 57 yards. He has 8 punts inside the 20 this year through 4 games.

Cincinnati Punter Pat O’Donnell is having a good year with 12 punts averaging 43 yards and a long of 51 yards.

USF Punter Justin Brockhaus-Kahn has a total of 22 punts for a 40.6 average and a long of 58 yards.

USF Kicker Maikon Bonani is a perfect 5 for 5 on field goals and has a total of 25 points in 5 games.

Kentucky Kicker Craig McIntosh has 3 field goals on the year and a total of 23 points.

Kentucky Punter Landon Foster has a total of 19 punts and a 40.3 punting average in his Freshman year.

Ryan Rodwell received his first start against the Miami Hurricanes on September 22nd and is currently the starting punter with 3 punts and a 42 yard average.

Auburn’s Cody Parkey is having a perfect season so far. Cody is 7 for 7 on both FGs and PATs.

Auburn’s Steven Clark has a punting average of 40.5 on 22 punts so far this season.

Jeremy Shelley, Alabama kicker is having a great year. He is 7 for 7 on field goals and 24 for 24 on PATs.

Michigan punter Will Hagerup is having a great season. He is the number one punter in the country with a 49 yard average on 10 punts this season.

Freshman Punter Ethan Perry is hitting the ball extremely well with a 45 yard average on 12 punts this season.

Syracuse kicker Ross Krautman has 4 field goals on the season and 10 PATs.