I had a chance to stop by football practice and watch Julius & Connor. They were doing a game called “punting golf.” Basically, they had to hit a certain area on the field within a par level. Anyways, Julius came running up to me screaming with excitement about his punts he did with the team & his coaches were very happy with him. Then Connor came running up with excitement screaming, “I love Jamal!!!! Watch what I can do!!!” Well, collectively Julius & Connor both go into a “this is why Jamal is so great” conversation. Prior to this football season Connor had just kicked. He saw Julius punt and he asked Julius to teach him. I saw Julius become a teacher & Dan I saw a lot of you come out while Julius instructed. He was excited, eager to help this boy he had never met, and when Connor got his first high spiral & turn over that was all Julius could talk about. So, thank you for not only teaching my son how to kick but how to teach. Finally, please pass on to Jamal that these two boys love him and are so excited to see their punts improving based off his instruction. Dan you have great coaches…thank you.


Coach McCabe is one of the best kicking coaches in America that I know personally. Ever since his playing days at Illinois State under me, (my first All-American player) I knew he was going to be something special whether it be playing professionally or coaching athletes. Mike has the knack for scouting, developing, and producing NCAA and NFL-caliber talent. One On One Kicking and Coach McCabe referred and trained specialists like Eric Wilbur, Chas Henry, Jonathan Phillips and Caleb Sturgis with amazing results. If you are an aspiring kicker or punter, I would highly recommend Coach McCabe and One On One Kicking.

ESPN Analysts & Former National Champion Head Coach

I just want to tell you again how much I appreciate everything you have done for Andy. Our entire family is thrilled that he going to play at Ole Miss, and we couldn’t have made it through the recruiting process without your help. We have always kept an eye out to refer kids to you, and I will gladly be a reference for you to parents and kids down the road.

Paul Pappanastos

Well, the dream is finally coming to a reality, I will sit with my boys on wednesday morning and sign with Bethel University and be part of the 2% of all High School football players to play at the next level. Couldn’t have done it without Dan Lundy, Daytona’s Elite, Mike McCabe,Ryan Crowley, and all my other coaches, players, and most importantly my family and God. Thx for being there with me through the ride and look forward to a even better 4 years!

Matt Kramer

Hi there..I don’t know if you remember me..I’m Ryan Crowley’s mom…I just wanted to say thank you for your dedication and your determination with these guys…Ryan started this year and his first game was Saturday. He had a great game. He kicked a 31 yr fg and made all his field goals through out the game. They beat Arkansas Tech…38-31..conference game and the first time they beat them in 8 years.. what a way to start the season…we were down 21 pts at the beginning of the 4th quarter and made a great come back and won….your training and the daytona divison Dan Lundy’s runs is just amazing….I know he was able to see Dan a few times over the summer…and couldn’t have come this far without you guys…Thank you, thank you….They have a write up on UAM’s website about Ryan k thank you for all you do for my son and other children.  


Mike, I wanted to send you a quick note to express our appreciation for all that you and your staff did last week to make the Florida camp a very valuable experience for my son Matt. The skills, drills and hands on coaching were very beneficial. In addition to the training on the field, the discussions and class room discussions were excellent, especially the video reviews. We also enjoyed meeting Coach White and Dan Lundy. And, the access to the football facilities were over the top (kicking in the swamp was a dream come true for Matt)…showcasing the Florida football program’s facilities was very rewarding.

Matt’s mother is a UF alum (nursing school class of 1985). When we made the trip east from Los Angeles we weren’t quite sure what to expect. We returned home on Sunday very happy with the overall content, exposure to coaches and value of the camp.

Thanks again for a great camp. Have a great summer.

Rich Goudis, CFO, Herbalife Ltd.

Dear Mike, Freddie and Todd:

I am writing this letter to let you know how much I appreciate all that One on One Kicking has done for the University of Miami football program.

Mike, the work you did with Todd Sievers and Freddie Capshaw when they were student-athletes at Miami proved invaluable to them and to us, making our kicking game one of the best in the country.

Since their graduation from the University of Miami, Todd and Freddie have joined forces with you to make One on One Kicking tops in the field. I am most appreciative that Mike and Freddie were able to bring their expertise to this year’s Larry Coker Football Camp and teach our campers the fundamentals of kicking.

Anyone interested in becoming a top-notch kicker should definitely consider One on One Kicking.

Thank you for always being willing to help the University of Miami football program”. – Larry Coker, Former University of Miami Hurricanes Head Football Coach

” Coach Mike McCabe not only knows kicking and punting, but he has the ability to teach these skills. He has worked with our kickers and punters and I’ve seen the results. One on One Kicking and Coach Mike McCabe helped us win our league and our bowl game. Let him do the same for the you.

Terry Heoppner – Former Head Football Coach at Miami of Ohio”

Coach McCabe has worked our football camp (Punting & Kicking) at the University of Miami and has done an outstanding job.

Don Soldinger,

Former Special teams coordinator,

University of Miami Hurricanes

I am writing you this letter this evening to let you know how enthused Tyler was on the ride home . It was a 4 hour trip and I heard about it the whole way. We have been to at least 15 kicking camps and combines, and never has he had any coach or instructor give the words of enthusiasm that you gave him in one afternoon. Being the fact that he won the kicking competition, making 19 out of 20 kicks, was a lifting experience, but what really moved him was YOU!!! He is ready to do what ever it takes for you to believe that he is ALL THAT!!! He wants to play at a D-I school and the State of Alabama, and you have the schools for him to fulfill his dream. I also think that Nick Saban was very interested in Tyler watching him handle the ball with confidence and the way he kicked. He knows that Tyler is young, and that there is a lot of raw talent that is left to uncover that could be tuned up by you and his organization. We are excited for this season to start..

Corey & Tyler Listi

His expertise in all aspects of the kicking game, punting and place kicking, is second to none. If you want to take your game to the next level, I highly recommend Coach McCabe.

Coach, just wanted to let you know that Evan made all of his extra points last night at his game (3). People just don’t understand how such a little boy can kick that ball. I had the coach from the other team come up to me after the game telling us how impressed he was. Our school is the only school with a B team football kicker. No other schools we play even try exta points or field goals. As a mom, it is pretty exciting. Thanks for your help and we are really look forward to training with you.

Doris A. Rabon

I am writing you about my son Tyler Clark, Please take a minute and read his story. Tyler was born after a very troubling pregnancy on August 13 1991. When he was taken from the womb by the surgeon I watched in horror as the doctors and nurses frantically tried to resuscitate him for over 5 minutes. Just before they gave up a whimper then a cry. Small then just 6lb 3 oz Tyler started out fighting and has not stopped since. Within hours we were told that he was having troubles breathing and would have to be incubated and transfer ed to Baptist Montcalm medical Center in Birmingham. As I followed the ambulance to Birmingham I prayed that he would live and that he would fight for his life. He has never disappointed me in that area. He after many weeks on a respirator was discharged and began his trek through life.

When he was 6 or 7 years old we noticed that unlike other boys his age he was no longer growing. We again went to U. A. B. Children’s hospital and was told that his growth has virtually stopped and he would be 3′ tall without Growth Hormones. Tyler has been taking shots every day since. Tyler is now 4’7″ tall and weighs 85 lbs. Last year came to me and said to me ” Dad I know that you are going to laugh at me, but I want to ask you something…I told him to go ahead. He stated: ‘ I want to play varsity football.’ I simply without reaction told him ‘Son I have 2 words for you… Van Tiffin.’ I told him about a very famous kicker at the University of Alabama that would not be the largest guy on the team, but would gain national recognition just because he would not give up, but chose to be good at one small job that would make a difference. Tyler agreed gladly and we began the process of putting up a goalpost in our front yard (who cares what the neighbors think ) From that time Tyler began to kick.

Very poorly at first, then a little better. The first year I sent him to the Kicking Camp at Auburn University. When we went to pick him up we found a dejected and sad young man who had been pushed aside because he was small (and not a quality kicker that would be of use to Auburn later) We paid the same money as every other player, but because he was small and probably not be a scholarship candidate was pushed aside for the more talented and better prospects. I was furious, but not discouraged, Tyler however didn’t know that he couldn’t kick so he practiced every day. sometimes into the night and lots of time by him self. Kicking, missing, retrieving the ball, kicking again and again. I encouraged him and helped him as much as possible, but My knowledge is very limited and I was a bench warmer on my team because I was only allowed to play my senior year and did not know the game well enough to get up to speed in time to play much my senior year. Tyler began to get one through every now and then. Tyler came to me about your kicking camp and I agreed thinking that he again would be discouraged, but anyway played the fee to attend. Once he got to camp he eagerly called me and told me of the the instructor that he was placed under ‘Art Carmody’ Louisville kicker and Lou Groza winner you train. Well he was so excited and when he came home I could tell quite a difference in his kicking. He was still not getting many thought but I could tell that his style and technique was better, but the difference was that His spirit was lifted, he had been coached, not pushed aside. I want thank you for having some one to spend time with this child. He will not be denied, he will not quit, he will not be defeated, and he will not quit. Tyler now on some days is kicking pats almost 80% I just want you to know how grateful I am that Your camp gave him the same respect and training that you do the ‘great kickers’ that come there.

I cannot bear to watch him kick from 8:00 at night till 9:00 at night just because he refuses to quit without getting the last kick through. He does not count the 15 or 20 he got through he just refuses to quit as a loser. I am amazed at his spirit, his love for this game, his determination that no matter how small his statue, no matter how hard he has to work that he refuses to fail. I am so thank full that God allowed me to have this child as my son.

Gary Clark

We just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ to Coach McCabe and One On One Kicking for taking such a great interest in our son and his ability and desire to play college football. The recruiting process can be a harrowing experience, but with the right guidance and support can also be a very rewarding one. My son met Coach for the first time at his Miami event this January (Competition Expo). Coach McCabe was extremely helpful with securing rooms and making the arrangements for the event. Really on top of things. Nick also really enjoyed the event, got great exposure from it and was treated and ranked no different than the kickers who train with Coach McCabe on a regular basis. He led Nick in all the right directions and made all the right connections. Coach and his staff have always made themselves available to us. We are very grateful for their expertise, guidance and recruiting efforts. Our son has recently accepted a D1-A full scholarship.

Sincerest Thanks, Gina and Joe Ferrara

I just wanted to drop you a quick note. We made it to camp today and had an incredible time. We did miss you, but Patrick and Jordon Means, and Kody Bliss did a phenomenal job today. I know my son Will is just a little guy and is just learning, but these young men treated him and handled him in a way a little guy could comprehend. All three really made the days training way more than worthwhile. On the way out, we ran into Brian Egan, and Will just thought he was just bigger than life. He remembered seeing Brian on TV for the Brentwood game, and Brian quickly told Will that the Brentwood game was one of his worst performances, but that he kept practicing and getting better and better. You know, spending an hour and a half in the car with your son a couple times a month, and being able to be around some of the best kickers in the country is almost too good to be true. Thanks again Mike, we certainly picked up some drills and things to work with. Again, please pass along my thanks to Patrick, Jordon and Kody!

Gary Reichard

I always dreamed of having the opportunity to play college football in the United States, that has been one of my goals in life. I knew that I had the ability to play well and to play here in the United States, all I needed was someone to discover me and to give me the opportunity. The one person that gave me that opportunity was Coach McCabe. Working with him has been an experience. He has giving me advice and the techniques to kick better, and he is the one that recommended me, and helped me get the scholarship to a Division II.

If you would like to have the opportunity to play, and to possibly get a college scholarship, then contact Coach McCabe, he can make a better kicker and player out of you as he has done for me. He can give you the opportunity to realize your dreams of playing college football and receiving an education.  

Luis Berlanga, Mexican placekicker who signed a scholarship to play for Div II school in 2004″

I want to take a moment just to reflect and thank each of you for what you have meant to my son. You have invested time which is the greatest expression of love. You have talked to him about character, overcoming adversity, loving the Lord, acting responsibly, competing, using his gifts, pushing beyond what he thinks is possible, academics, being resilient, and many more passages of life.

Parents do not take time to thank you enough for what you build into our children. Your instruction, encouragement, correction, training, and positive example will be in his memory to lean on in tough times and times of decision. He will be different and better by rubbing shoulders with you.

I’m also thankful for you for you because of the relationship you have with Jimmy and how you have encouraged him to take the next step in his life. As a father, that means so much to me that thank you seems very inadequate.

Bill Newman, father of Jimmy

People say that you can learn a lot by teaching someone else. I never thought this to be true until I started coaching camps for One on One Kicking and Coach Mike McCabe.

The way that Coach McCabe runs and organizes his camps are focused more on quality and technique. There are plenty of good high school kickers and punters out there and I get asked at every camp what I did to get myself recognized.

Eric Wilbur, Punter

” I really appreciate what you have and done for me and especially with my attaining the offer and commitment to University of Louisville. Thanks to you and One on One, the training that you have provided to me over the past year has really contributed to my development and success with kicking and punting. I don’t know what I would have done without One on One. I look forward to continuing my training with you as I prepare to kick and punt for University of Louisville.

Future D-1 Kicker

Coach McCabe, as Dawson is approached by press, he has been careful to tell them how he has been, and is being developed, by you. This thankfulness is important. I was thinking about that during my devotion this morning…’how I must not forget the Lord’s hand and power in all of this…and how He has chosen to use you as His instrument’ to place so many boys in these many mission fields…preparing equipping and guiding…understanding (having been there) the temptations, dangers and pressures they may face. Your ‘wounding’ (achilles tendon tear) preceded a greater calling to lift up and prepare many others for the large arena of influence in football. My prayer for you today is that God will make your calling and influence fresh again, and that your leaning upon our Father to ‘accomplish all that concerns you’ (that verse we like) will be the source for your obedience to Him. Thank you again for believing in Dawson’s potential, and for helping him believe in himself moving forward. I have no doubt that Clemson is a ‘God Thing’. After Dawson’s tryout in front of Bowden, I called a prayer warrior friend to pray that Bowden would not be able to get Dawson off of his mind. When we talked to him on the phone after the offer, Bowden said ‘I could not get Dawson off of my mind.’ I realize, too, that you were used by God to call and help keep Dawson on their minds. God is completing a plan for Dawson’s life, and you are a part of it…It’s hard to know God’s ways and I’m just learning to pray, buckle my seatbelt, and get ready for the ride…In this situation, I’m just glad you’re in the vehicle with us.

With Love Through Him, Becky Zimmerman

You will not find a better kicking instructor for your child, and one that will get you better exposure for them to receive a scholarship.

Susan Koegel, mother of D-1 punter

We would recommend one on one kicking to anyone who is serious about developing their kicking skills. Mike McCabe is a very knowledgeable and effective coach/trainer. He, along with his staff work diligently to train and prepare their students for the next level of their kicking/punting proficiencies. Mike demands commitment and passion from his students and has been extremely successful in rewarding those students with scholarship offers. Our son, Brett received a full scholarship from Michigan State University. Brett, as a Freshman, earned the starting position as their place kicker, playing in the Big Ten Conference. We credit this accomplishment by the expert training he received from Mike McCabe. Thank you for the training of our son.

Gary & Celia Swenson, parents of D-1 Kicker

Every combine and kicking coach seems to have its strengths, and I have attended several of them. Several things seem to set Miami apart from the others in my opinion.

1) McCabe does NOT reserve spots for HIS kickers. Either you perform or you don’t, and you will get noticed or not based on your performance. This is especially helpful if you are a first timer or are just trying to break into the ‘kicking circle’.
2) NO other combine venue even comes close to the Orange Bowl!
3) McCabe allows you to show a broader range of abilities. Some combines are , FG, KO, Punt, and that is all you get. Mike has points for directional punting and KO’s. I think it was 5 different ways to earn points.
4) McCabe really does have great contacts at ALL levels of college football, D1-NAIA.
5) McCabe, ‘stays with the conversation’ What I mean by that is he provides a variety of other programs to foster your growth. I have kicked with Coach McCabe every weekend this summer.
6) Coach is just plain ‘ole lots of fun. He will kick your butt when you need it and praise you lavishly when you earn it!

Taylor Rowan, All-American Kicker, Western Illinois

I would highly recommend Coach McCabe to any child who wanted to continue on with kicking or punting in hopes of playing on the next level. He gave our son the confidence, expert advise and top notch coaching to better develop his punting skills. Without him and his commitment to Shane, we believe that he would not have been given the opportunity to be recognized by a Division 1 school.

Mark and Cori Hussar, whose son received a scholarship to play for D-1 school

Coach McCabe and his staff at OneOnOne Kicking are committed to helping talented specialists get to the next level. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to advance their young person’s skills and career. Our son was a high school ‘sleeper’ and once Coach McCabe saw his talent and potential, he didn’t stop until Justin accepted a scholarship offer and made his college commitment. Had it not been for Coach McCabe and his endless commitment to Justin, we may not have had Div-1 A schools visiting with us and recruiting him. Now our son is looking forward to attending the Summer College Training camp with OneOnOne this summer and playing college football. Thank you Coach McCabe

Pam Sams, whose son received a scholarship to play for D-1AA school

As a man who has been in the game of football for over forty years, a former college head coach and Director of Scouting for an NFL scouting agency, I feel qualified to tell you that the One On One kicking camp is the best camp I have ever seen for punters and kickers. Their no-nonsense and hard work philosophy will improve any kicker or punter that attends their camps. In only six weeks my son added close to ten yards to his field goals, close to three tenths to his hang time punting, and seven inches to his hamstring flexibility. I give One On One and Mike McCabe my highest recommendation.

Joe Hoffman – NFL Scout

I am pleased by the results of One On One Kicking’s training program, which provided PJ with the skills and techniques needed to compete as the starting Punter and Holder for the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide. The scholarship he has earned and the All SEC Freshman Punter award are the products of his work ethic and the training he has had with One On One. Thank you Coach McCabe.

Bob Fitzgerald, parent of D-1 punter

Just wanted to check in with you and again tell you thank you for your help on Jimmy’s behalf during the recruiting process. We took a deep breath and are getting back to it. We are very happy that Jimmy has the opportunity to go to Wake, especially with their emphasis on special teams and the way they treat kickers.

We feel blessed and thankful to God that Jimmy was able to sign with Wake. Jimmy is working out and kicking trying to get ready to do his best. He thinks so much of you and we are thankful for your influence on his life.

Bill Newman

We would like to thank Coach Mike McCabe and One on One Kicking for helping our son. Because of Coach McCabe, our son is getting a chance to kick on the college level this fall. This opportunity would not have been possible without One on One Kicking. We attended the One on One Kicking Expo last January.

After the Expo, Coach McCabe had several schools interested in our son – even after the National Signing period.

If your son is a talented punter or kicker and you feel he is not getting enough exposure or college contacts, we highly recommend Coach McCabe and One on One Kicking. They will evaluate your son and work diligently to get him an opportunity to play at the next level. In addition, they have many opportunities available to train and develop his kicking ability. This is the only camp or competition that our son attended that actually worked to get him opportunities to play in college. Thanks again to Coach McCabe and the staff at One on One Kicking.

Mike and Susan Tice, parents of D-1 kicker

Mike, Just a note to say thanks for all of your work with Taylor over the years!

My Son began his kicking career very late by most standards. He kicked his first football on Monday before the start of Football season the following Friday. As a 5A school he was thrown directly into the crucible of competition. At the conclusion of that Season I began to look for some training that could possibly help him to the next level.

He attended several training programs and combines. While each program and instructor had their strengths, Several things seemed to set One on One apart from the other programs.

    1. When Mike first met my son he gave him an honest and through evaluation of his skills and potential. He also gave him a protocol of exercises and drills that he could work on to strengthen his strengths, and improve his areas of weakness.
    2. Mike’s competitions were truly open. You either succeeded or failed based on how you performed. The results were not decided until after the kicking was done.
    3. Mike has contacts at all levels of Football. While he has many kickers at the D1A level, He also has many contacts at D1AA thru NAIA.
    4. Mike ‘stays with the conversation’. By that I mean, He provides training for College kickers to develop and opportunities to network with other kickers at all levels.

I would highly recommend Mike and One on One kicking to any kicker that is wanting to ‘Break into’ the kicking ‘fraternity’.

Stuart Rowan, parent of D-1 kicker

Coach McCabe, I wanted to thank you and Coach Jeff Dellenbach, for all the coaching, teaching, and guidance that [our son] received from your weekly camp…he knew that your camp was the camp that would teach and help him get into a D1 football program. Once he starting attending your camp, practicing weekly with your help, the offers and opportunities to Long Snap at a D1 football program began to come in from across the country…your program is definitely the one that has the mechanisms to open the eyes of the college recruiters. I would highly recommend your camp to any student-athlete who wants to be a Kicker or Longsnapper at the college level. Again, thank you and your staff for all your help.

I have attend several camps since the South Alabama Kicking Camp, and now I’m hitting just about all my 50-yarders…thanks for the training!

Mike, I just wanted to let you know that Craig really enjoyed his first session at N. Gwinnett last week. The atmosphere of the group training really seems to have ignited his self motivation…which is huge.

Tim Tanguay

I just wanted to tell you how beneficial the Expo was to my son Brandon. Since he has only been kicking for 6 months, this gave him an opportunity to test himself to see if he has what it takes to progress in kicking. He was happy with his performance and encouraged by how he did. This past weekend was also the first time he had kicked off the ground instead of using a block because he thought a block was used in the competition, but it gave him added confidence to do well off the ground.

I wanted to send you a quick note with praise and thanks for the recent camp. My son had a tremendous time and learned a great deal. The event, accommodations and experience were invaluable to him. Your staff should be commended on their fine work.

I wanted to write this email to thank you for the brief time that I spent with you this summer. A lot of the things I learned, especially as far as work outs went, really paid off. We had our first game tonight, I had one out of two kick offs for touchbacks ( Second kickoff was at the 1 in rain ) and I actually am punting now, which I wasn’t.

I want to thank you for running the Scout.com kicking combine this past weekend. The chance to perform with the other kickers was great, along with some of the instruction I received from Mr. Feely for kicking & Mr. Aguiar for punting. It was a good trip for many reasons. I did get the chance to meet Don Silvestri, who drove us back to the airport on Sunday. I also got the chance to talk with Mr. Aguiar, Mrs. Koegel & Mr. Stack on Saturday during the thunderstorms & lighting alarms. They were very nice to me & quite encouraging. They also highly recommended buying your tapes. Once again, thank you so much for this past weekend.

I want to thank you for all the time and help you gave me these past few days and I am already working hard with all the drills I learned trying to work closer to the next level. I’m going to work with you as much and hard as possible because I know if I do what I learn you will help me to achieve my goal.

My son just finished his first camp with One On One Kicking. We were so impressed with the drills and the level of personal attention that all of the kickers received. My son came off of the field and said that he had learned so much and was so excited that he couldn’t wait to kick again. We have been to several other camps but this was by far was the best and the only one that we will continue to attend. Your camp actually prepares kickers for real game situations. I also recommend the video to kickers at any level.

I wanted to thank you again for the great experience my son Ross had at your kicking camp. He had a super time, and said he really benefited from the experience – he really liked Dan Lundy and profited from his expertise, and most of all his sincere interest in the kids. Ross, being the youngest in the group, was a plus for him, and he told me at the airport he couldn’t wait ’til next year. Thanks again!

My son recently attended your kicking camp at UM, and told me that he had a great time and learned a bunch. He noted that he would love to go back for either some more training, or possibly the Competition Expo in January 2006.

Kicker from Seoul, Korea, who attended UF camp.

Hi, my name is Chris Koepplin, the JUCO Kicker from NY, who attended the camp at the U of Miami during the weekend of the 8, 9 & 10th and I was writing to thank you and your staff for all of the help they provided at the camp. I really took a lot away from the film sessions which i found extremely helpful. I had never been broken down in every aspect of my approach alignment and form. It was great, I know the 3 or 4 things i need to emphasize now in my workouts and how to improve. I especially would like to thank Dan Lundy and Don Silverstri for the expertise that they provided during the camp and helped me to do very well in the competition on sunday. I also learned the proper technique and philosophy to punting while watching the instructional video at the camp and I have been doing drills and making and effort to be a Kicker as well as a Punter.

Chris Koepplin

I wanted to thank you for the great camp. It took a lot to conform Alex, but I think he made the transition. I really think he has great potentialm as he is only 14. He did say he was intimidated by all the great punters there today. Hopefully, someday he will be in their shoes. I think for his age, there are not many punters at his level. He really thought highly of the camp, and really wants kick at the next level. I would appreciate any help you can give him in that regards.

I had spoke to you about my son’s knee injury and surgery, and you encouraged me to demand physical therapy and so I did, and he will be receiving it at CORA starting this week. I just wanted to thank you personally for your interest in my son’s recovery, and if I had not spoke with you, I would not have pressed the issue, so I am very grateful to you for that!!!!

I just wanted to thank you for the instruction, and publicity that I got while I was at you combine. Thanks again for your help…”

I just wanted to let you know that since [the U of Miami camp], I have improved greatly in my kicking abilities. I have a lot more power and consistency with what i do… i can hit 55 yard field goals with ease now.”

Great job on the January Expo! Our son had a great experience, and we were impressed with the heart and soul that went into it…”

This thank you may be a bit late, but since a year has passed and [my son] has finished a year [in college], I think I have a better idea of what I am thanking you for. Thank you for your patience, generosity and understanding. You helped [him] with the physical aspects of kicking and fitness and the recruitment process. Thank you for listening to my son, giving him an honest evaluation, advising him, and making the necessary college contacts. You asked me to trust you, I did and I am grateful for that. Your coaching helped [him] get physically and mentally ready to kick at the next level. Keep up the good work…

Thank you for the camp last week. I liked it and will use the drills to help my kicking. I did really well at the LSU camp. I was the MVP. I hit all of my field goals…I hit 2 of 3 kickoffs deep in the end zone…I also hit a 65 yard punt…I look forward to working with you again soon.


Just a quick note of thanks… Greg has been kicking better than ever and will likely be invited to 2 a days, starting next month in an attempt to win the starting kickoff and long FG job. We appreciate the help you have given Greg and we will keep you posted on his progress.

Andy Taussig

I want to thank you for running the Scout.com kicking combine this past weekend. The chance to perform with the other kickers was great, along with some of the instruction I received from Mr. Feely for kicking & Mr. Aguiar for punting. It was a good trip for many reasons. I did get the chance to meet Don Silvestri, who drove us back to the airport on Sunday. I also got the chance to talk with Mr. Aguiar, Mrs. Koegel & Mr. Stack on Saturday during the thunderstorms & lighting alarms. They were very nice to me & quite encouraging. They also highly recommended buying your tapes. Once again, thank you so much for this past weekend

Thank you for all you did for my son this summer. He enjoyed the three weeks, learned a lot, and returned to South Carolina and The Citadel a different person and place kicker. Sam appears to have more self-confidence and looks forward to the challenges of this upcoming season. Peace and Grace to you, and may you and your team have another successful season. – Steve Keeler, Parent of Sam Keeler

My son recently attended your kicking camp at UM, and told me that he had a great time and learned a bunch. He noted that he would love to go back for either some more training, or possibly the Competition Expo in January 2006. I’m hoping to do this since, he’s not getting any exposure in Seoul. Thank you very much for your time, help and most of all, for providing this great camp.

Kicker from Seoul, Korea

I wanted to thank you for your efforts in holding the Orlando Expo last weekend. It was fun for me to kick and compete against kids that share the same enjoyment I do. I was excited to have the chance to see how I compare to my competition. My highlight of the camp was kicking the 55 yard field goal on the first day of the competition. This experience would not have been possible if not for you holding this Expo. Once again Thanks and I look forward to working with you in the future.

 Adam Keller (Dover, PA)

I just wanted to thank you for the instruction, and publicity that I got while I was at your combine. Thanks again for your help

Thanks for all you have done for Daniel as this [scholarship to Dartmouth] would have not happened without your program. I hope to see you soon as Daniel continues with his One on One Training.

Rodney Barstein

Coach Lundy my name is Scott Evans and my son was at camp sunday at Mt Brook. Just wanted to say thank you for what you taught him. He couldn’t kick very good that day and the things you worked with them helped. We went and worked out yesterday and he improved quite a lot. He was kicking the ball better and with the right part of his foot. He has been punting at camp instead of kicking which he does on his High School team. I really appreciate what you taught them and wanted you to know it has helped. Thanks!

Lisa Evans