Nashville: Single Session Receiver & Return Skills Down Payment

Receiver & Punt/ Kick Return Skills Training

Pay for individual group session training as you go. Sessions are approximately 2 hours.
$125 total per session: $25 down payment, $100 to the coach at the session.

Training includes:
– warm up
– drills
– footwork/ press release
– ball skills
– route running
– football concepts/ schemes

*NOTE: Be sure to set up an account at checkout to save your player information. Then login when you buy to save you time on the forms.

You are making your initial deposit now. Further payment arrangements will be set up with the coach at this location.

Term automatically renews with a down payment, until cancellation.

Refund Policy

This is a commitment to training full time to achieve the ultimate level possible. We will only refund monies for training due to injuries and a medical report from an orthopedic firm with the results of the injury.

No deposit made is refundable due to the insurance we pay for the player.

We will refund any monies owed within 60 days.