One On One Kicking Featured By GoPro

It was great to wake up the other day and see that the great folks over at GoPro featured us on all of their social media platforms. GoPro simply makes the world’s most versatile cameras…PERIOD. Whether it is for action sports, water sports, or everyday activities the GoPro is the camera that captures it all.

One On One Kicking has been using the GoPro camera for 4 years now at camps, training sessions, and other activities of ours. We have used the GoPro to capture all kinds of memories for our athletes and more importantly we have been using the GoPro to take all sorts of film for our athletes to review them and study them to help them improve their technique and form. It is a MAJOR tool for all our athletes to get better on and off the field. We can use all kinds of angles and to get specifics shots so they can view and critique their form in many ways. The GoPro is the way to go for us!

We just want to kindly thank the folks over at GoPro for everything they have done for us. They are indeed a CLASS A company and have CLASS A people working for them. Thank you again for everything you have done for us GoPro!!

For more info on these amazing cameras visit … for all their products and offerings. You NEED one of their cameras!!!

Below you will see the picture that GoPro featured. The picture was taken by Coach Gaddis who runs our New Jersey/New York Division. The picture was taken in Daytona Beach, Florida. The picture features One On One Kicking Trainee and Philadelphia Eagles Kicker, Caleb Sturgis training with our coaches and fellow One On One Kicking Trainee and Kansas City Chiefs Kicker, Cairo Santos watching on. The grind never stops for our NFL Athletes!!!

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