One on One Kicking advocates using video analysis as a training tool to its year round trainees and athletes our coaches work with at various college summer camps, expos, competitions, and clinics.

When players view film of themselves, they are often surprised at what they see. Consequently, athletes think they are excuting proper technique, but instead, they are doing something completely different than what is being taught. As a result, film analysis by our One on One Kicking coaches can address any problems athletes may have that will hinder them from reaching their full potential.

Online, we offer sample video clips to demonstrate the types of one on one instruction received by our year round camp attendees. Please take a minute to view the link below:http://www.ihigh.com/oneononekicking/

Finally, our year round trainees are given feedback from our staff on how to make their season’s highlight most effective when went to potential universities for recruitment. There are many mistakes made by athletes when sending film to school, such as film lenght, organization of what is being shown, music, biographical information, etc. Furthermore, a highlight film can make or break an athlete’s chances of receiving a scholarship; we make sure our athletes’ highlight film works in their favor.

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